Advantages - Lifestyle
A CoLo Club Housemate

Allows for short term arrangements when figuring out what’s next in your life:
   implement a 6 or 12 month agreement, give yourself time to make well
   thought out decisions
Helps create independence and control of your life
Increases personal satisfaction and enjoyment: You have someone to
   share life's ups and downs with, you feel safer with someone else in the
   house, it feels good to have another “heartbeat” nearby, it’s satisfying to
   help someone else
Should you travel,makes leaving home stress free: your house is not
   empty, no need for a pet sitter, no need to stop the mail and newspaper
Makes it easier when going through difficult life stages such as “gray
   divorce” or the death of a spouse
Eliminates loneliness and feelings of isolation
Is eco friendly: utilizing shared resources, minimizing “footprint”, not
Allows for living in place as well as aging in place: able to modify home
   for mobility safety concerns, have a built in companion, share costs of
   home care as needed, built in assistance with household chores
Is FUN! Social connections are a must for successful living

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