Our New Direction

As with many new endeavors, time and experience have shown us that we needed to change the direction of CoLodging Club.  We receive a lot of interest in our concept of boomers and seniors sharing their living space.  People understand the benefits of shared living and are actively seeking this type of arrangement.  Figuring out how to make this work has been another matter.  We have decided this concept will work best if it is free and totally in the hands of the involved parties . There are now national roommate “matching” services that charge a fee, but CoLodging Club has decided to take a different route.  We would like to become a gathering spot, a community, for like-minded people to share ideas, goals and thoughts about shared living and come up with solutions that fit their own situation.

The venue we will be doing this through is Snabbo.com.

Snabbo.com is a free, social network where members can share life experiences, spark conversations, socialize, offer opinions and help others in a variety of aging and life issues.  Rather than be people centric, Snabbo.com is focused on its dynamic Discussions and Groups feature.  You can search topics of interest or perhaps create your own.  You can also “friend” other members as you would like.

We have created a Group on Snabbo.com.  We invite you to join Snabbo.com (it’s really easy) and the new CoLodging Club Group…all for FREE.  Snabbo.com has rich search and sort capabilities, so you will be able to filter members by state, city or any criteria that interests you.

Start exploring Snabbo.com now and join the Colodging Club Group for free.

We welcome your feedback HERE