Home Seeker

Questions You Will Want To Answer As a Home Seeker:

Why do you want to be a housemate?
Would you enjoy having more interaction with someone?
Would you enjoy saving money?
Would you like help with meals?
Would you enjoy cooking for someone else?
Do you like the idea of eating meals with someone?
Do you like the idea of having someone around at night?
What are your expectations about sharing a home with another person?
What kind of relationship do you want with your housemate?
Are you looking for the housemate to be a friend or just a person you are sharing space with?
Are you looking to have dinner every night together or just a meal just once a week?
Do you have any particular interests or activities you would like to share with your housemate?
Are you willing to help with the upkeep of the house?
Do you like gardening? Cooking? Organizing?
Do you know what you are willing to pay for rent?
Do you know how long you want a lease to be?
How adaptable, flexible, and willing are you to compromise if necessary?
Do you have a family member or trusted friend available to provide guidance and support if needed?
Are you comfortable using someone else's kitchen and laundry room?
What are your greatest concerns about being a housemate?
Are you willing and able to express your needs easily, or is it difficult for you to speak to someone
when something is bothering you?
How do you generally resolve differences or conflicts?
How important is your private time?
Are you looking to share life experiences with someone?
Are you planning for the future?
Can you live in one room or do you need more space?
Have you identified your space needs?
Do you have thoughts and plans for your furniture and items that won't fit in the space?
Will you sell or consign your items?
Are you ready to make a move now?