CoLodging Club’s mission is to educate people about the many benefits of sharing one’s life through being a housemate and help make the process seamless. It has been proven that people who live with other people are happier and healthier.

Are you interested in keeping your brain healthy?
Doing novel and complex things... GOOD for brain health
Being in a rut and routine... bad for brain health
Being open to new ideas... GOOD for brain health
Being alone and withdrawing
... bad for brain health

Are you interested in successful aging?
Being social and engaged... GOOD for healthy aging
Isolation and retirement... bad for healthy aging
Sharing meal time... GOOD for healthy aging
Eating alone... bad for healthy aging

Are you interested in financial savings?
Sharing expenses... GOOD for keeping money in pocket
Being green.... GOOD for keeping money in pocket
Paying for everything....less money in pocket

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Our goals are to make finding a housemate easy, fun and educational.